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mi-video: micro sized video.

Media 4 Business specialise in 30-45 second micro sized video (Mi-Vi) productions. As each video is as small as 2mb in size they can be emailed to prospective clients to help generate new sales or used to achieve higher revenue from existing customers. In addition, they can be re-formatted for websites and e-brochures, played in reception areas or uploaded onto mobile phones, PDA’s or Laptops so your sales team have access to them 24/7.

Mi-Vi’s can be used for company showcases or introductions, product or service demonstrations, highlighting the unique selling points within a particular channel, chairman’s address, health and safety information, training, presentation material and promotional information.

Each video incorporates an experienced film crew and supported by scriptwriters, professional voiceover’s, text authoring and editing. As many as 35 different ideas or facets of information can be passed onto the viewer in this short time.

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